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Ride Control Dynamics Play Critical Role In Vehicles Equipped With ABS, And Traction & Stability Control

As a vehicle brakes, accelerates and corners, transferred weight impacts vehicle attitude. If this is done in a controlled manner, braking can transfer weight effectively to the tire that needs it the most. For the most part, the suspension and tires handle the best when weight transfer is not sudden and the suspension is not compressed on the bump stops.

Audi Tech Tip: Key Can’t Be Removed From The Ignition

The customer will complain that the key can’t be removed from the ignition when the vehicle is in park. In some cases, the driver will not be able to move the shift lever from the park position. On vehicles with the Advance Key System, the car can not be locked after the engine has been shut off.

Mercedes-Benz Tech Tip: Refrigerant Compressor Noise Complaints

If you receive customer reports of noises at the refrigerant compressor with the A/C either activated or deactivated, the cause could be a defective belt pulley or belt pulley bearing. The pulley and pulley bearing can be diagnosed and replaced with the compressor still installed in the vehicle by following the procedures in this article.

Volkswagen Tech Tip: DTC P0401, Followed By P2463, Due To High Soot Loads Before Regeneration Cycle

The car owner may complain that the MIL light is on. When the codes are scanned, code P0401 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Insufficient and P2463 DPF Soot Accumulation will be stored in the ECM.

Brake Shop Economics: It’s About Dollars Per Hour, Not Hours Per Dollar

Shop profitability is always a hot topic in the automotive service business. As a point of comparison for most shops, brakes, steering and suspension services usually top the list in profitability, while engine repairs rank somewhere near the bottom. The key to profitability is to establish a benchmark on how many dollars can be earned per hour.

MLS Gasket Update: Touting Their Advantages

The days of getting away with composition gaskets in extreme combustion situations were back when the deck surfaces on blocks and heads were thick and strong, and the heads were clamped with 5-6 head bolts per cylinder. However, all that changed when carmakers became extremely weight conscious for MPG reasons and they started removing material out of blocks and heads.

Diagnosing Acura RDX Turbo System Problems

The 2007-2012 Acura RDX was Honda’s first production vehicle in North America with a turbocharger. The company took the proven K-series engine and lowered the compression ratio from 10:1 to 8:1, and added a turbocharger with the associated plumbing. But, it is a lot more complicated when it comes to managing the boost.

Lessons From A Day Being Out Of My Comfort Zone

Being under the dash or hood of the modern car is my comfort zone, but it doesn’t hurt to get out of that comfort zone. I could use a reminder now and then that what I do for a living isn’t all that bad, and I owe my customers a great deal of gratitude for their patronage and for putting up with this snarly old mechanic.

New Business Models Help Provide A Better Customer ‘Experience’

Service is the name of the game. Customers have too many choices today for everything they want to buy. When you deliver service that is second to none, you will become your customers’ “first call” for ongoing vehicle repairs, says Mary DellaValle, editor of ImportCar magazine.

VW DSG Transmission: Fluid Maintenance & Service

Most of the drivers who will own a Volkswagen car or truck with a Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) will not know they have a dual-clutch transmission connected to the engine. Most of them will think they have an automatic that gets excellent gas mileage. It is not until a transmission component fails or a service interval elapses that they learn about DSG.