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Low Mini Front Ride Height Correction

The Mini’s body may be riding low on one or both sides due to slippage of a front strut damper.

Mini Water Pump Friction Wheel Drive System

The tensioner is able to disengage the water pump until the engine has reached a specific temperature.

Bleeding And Flushing Of ABS Systems

When debris gets trapped inside the ABS module, it can prevent the solenoids from fully closing after opening.

Limited-Slip Differentials And Diagnostics

There are several differential designs you might see in the field.

Want To Be A Shop Owner?

For some newly graduated technicians, the path to ownership of a brick and mortar repair shop will happen.

Don’t Forget To Say Thanks To Your Employees

Simple recognition is one of the simplest – and most effective – things you can do to boost morale.

Mercedes: Scale And Corrosion On Axle Hubs Cause Vibration, Judder

Failure to remove the corrosion/scaling may cause an excessive buildup.

Do You Speak FWD?

Our March 1988 issue explained some of the key phrases that technicians should know to speak the language like a native.

What Was That Bolt Sequence Again?

No doubt you have experienced this before while reassembling a cylinder head.

Brake Myths

These myths can hurt a technician’s ability to effectively diagnose and solve common brake problems.

Could COVID-19 Cause ‘Cash For Clunkers’ Comeback?

These are confusing times with no definite end on the horizon and no clear outcome in sight.

Engine Leak Diagnosis On Turbocharged BMW V8 Engines

Do not remove the transmission before performing this inspection.