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Honda Indirect TPMS Systems

Honda indirect TPMS systems do not have air pressure sensors inside the tires.

Toyota Tech Tip: Odors In The A/C System

Toyota vehicles may exhibit odors naturally occurring from the HVAC system and/or related environmental factors.

VarioCam: Understanding Porsche’s VVT Technology

Originally developed for the 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo, VarioCam changes the valve timing to increase power & reduce emissions.

BMW 7 Series Air Suspension Diagnostics

For the BMW 7 Series E65/E66 manufactured between 2001-’08, engineers went with an innovative rear air ride system.

Different Nameplates, Different Expectations

Honda is one of the least concerned manufacturers about system voltages when it comes to reflashing.

BMW Telematics

BMW has already put more than 15 million telematic-equipped vehicles on the world’s road for almost 25 years. Currently, BMW has more than 2 million subscribers worldwide. And as time has passed, the connection has changed how many functions on a BMW operate remotely. BMW has gained a lot of attention recently by offering subscriptions

Land Rover Electronic Suspension Diagnostics

Air ride problems can turn on a warning on the dash and put the suspension into a safe mode.

U880E/AF50-8 Electronic Information

The TCM makes contact with all the transmission solenoids, fluid temperature and speed sensors at this connection.

Subaru CVT Transmission Diagnostics

If noise continues while FWD is active, the CVT assembly most likely needs replacement.

Diagnosing Acura RDX Turbo System Problems

The wastegate prevents the turbo from exceeding maximum boost pressure.

Bathrooms And Windshields – Some Lessons Take Years To Learn

Life lessons prove that no matter the job, it’s really your reputation or brand on the line.

Smart Folks Realize How Much There Is To Learn

Beneficial changes don’t have to be epic shifts – they can be minor adjustments in the way you currently do business.