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Jaguar Air Ride Diagnostics

The 2004-2009 Jaguar XJ8 and XJR were the first and last Jaguars with four-corner air ride suspension.

Engineering Better Belt Systems

The belt drive system is working hardest when the engine is at idle.

Mercedes-Benz Active Body Control (ABC) Suspension Tips

ABC suspension systems can be complicated to service if you do not have the right tools, training or knowledge.

ADVICS Tech Tip: Proper Master Cylinder Installation

Fluid leakage and improper hydraulic pressure may cause brake failure.

Changing Oil On European Exotic Cars

Exotic cars are still under the same emission requirements and warranties as regular vehicles.

Audi Stop/Start Systems

Stop/start systems are here to stay. As much as some people complain about them, others really don’t mind them, and even like the improvement in fuel economy. Audi first equipped some models with stop/start systems as a standard feature in 2013.  Just by looking at the starter, alternator or transmission, it is difficult to determine

Audi TFSI Boost Control Diagnostics

The signs of a leaking turbocharger system start with a lack of power or random misfires on Audi and VW engines.

Check Out The December Issue Of ImportCar Magazine

Access the interactive and easy-to-view digital edition of the December issue featuring articles on Volkswagen TPMS, Subaru Stretch Belts, BMW Brake Job, Nivomat Shocks, Nissan Frontier Faults and a host of import tech tips.

Building Imports Domestically

Honda began construction of its motorcycle plant in Marysville, Ohio, in 1978 and announced plans to build a $250-million auto plant next door in 1980. On Nov. 1, 1982, the first Accord rolled off the assembly line in Marysville.

Tech Tip: Brake Pad Efficiency with Burnishing

Old rotors should be replaced or resurfaced, and the hub-mounting surface should be cleaned thoroughly.

ZF Tech Tip: Recognizing Chassis, Steering Systems Damage Patterns

Technicians should particularly check whether the rubber bellows on the joints are worn, damaged or leaking. Because any splash water that gets in washes out the special grease, this then allows dirt particles to enter the joint.

BCA Bearings Tech Tip: How Does Lubrication Impact Bearing Functionality?

The primary role of lubrication is to reduce friction between bearing components and adjacent components such as the spindle or axle.