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Jaguar XJ/XK/XF Suspension Service

Jaguar has been using the same suspension design on the XJ, XK and XF/S-Type platforms. The suspension is very similar to those found on Mercedes-Benz and even Tesla models. Most of the load-bearing components are made of aluminum and have hydraulic bushings in strategic locations. When the suspension is working right, it delivers a great

BMW E65/E66 Suspension Diagnostics

For the BMW 7 Series E65/E66 manufactured between 2001-’08, engineers went with an innovative rear ride control system. The Dynamic Drive system that uses active anti-roll bars to keep the vehicle level was standard on these models. Some of these vehicles have optional Electronic Dampener Control (EDC) that tunes the compression and rebound of the

Volkswagen Alignment: 2006-2011 Jetta & Golf (A5)

Most entry-level VW models featured the same basic suspension used from the advent of the original VW Rabbit. About the only change was going from a rear strut suspension to a separate coil spring and shock absorber in the rear. Used for all models of the Golf, Jetta, New Beetle and the Audi TT, this

Nissan Brake Job: 2003-2015 Titan Applications

The front brakes on the Titan use dual-piston floating calipers. Most noise and wear issues can be attributed to the guide pins not being serviced during a previous brake job. The abutment clips and slides can also cause noise and should be replaced during every brake job.

Brake Job: 2005-2014 Nissan Frontier

In 2004, the Nissan Frontier grew in size to match the Toyota Tacoma. The brakes resemble the previous platform, but with enhancements to reduce brake drag and improve the operation of the ABS and stability control systems.

Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC Sytsems and Service

4MATIC, as we know it, came on the market with the 1998 model year on the E-Class and M-Class SUV. In the past 20 years, 4MATIC has become an option on every vehicle Mercedes-Benz sells. The current generation of the 4MATIC system is mechanically bulletproof. But, what can go wrong are the electronics that manage the system, and the seals that keep the fluids inside the transfer case and differentials.

Nissan Maxima Brake Job: Seventh Generation, 2009-2014 Models

These brake systems are known to make noise if the proper procedures are not followed and brake materials are not installed properly. The OE pads use a Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO) compound. The NAO material provides increased resistance to brake squeal. Some customers have complained about noisy brakes on these vehicles, so it is a good idea to explain the different pad compounds and varying degrees of noise resistance to let them decide which best suits their needs.

Nissan Tech Tip: Permanent DTC (P-DTC) Information

Starting with 2010 Model Year, Nissan vehicles have been gradually incorporating a new type of DTC known as “Permanent DTC or P-DTC.” If a vehicle is equipped with P-DTCs, all emission-related DTCs will also set a P-DTC if the MIL is turned on.

Mercedes-Benz Tech Tip: Howling Noise From Rear At 50-70 MPH

Vehicle owners may complain of a howling noise in the drivetrain in the area of the rear axle between 80 km/h and 110 km/h (50 mph to 70 mph). The cause could be resonance in the drivetrain stimulated by the meshing of the gear set in the rear axle differential (drive pinion/ring gear).

Getting The TPMS Light Out On The First Try

Whether the customer brings in the vehicle with a TPMS light triggered, or one triggers as a result of performing some tire service, not being able to turn off the MIL can sometimes cause headaches for shops. Here are a few commonly overlooked issues that could be triggering a warning light.

Advanced Import Ride Control Diagnostics And Replacement

Inside any active, hydraulic or air ride shock or strut, there is a piston that travels up and down a tube. Wear can occur between the piston and tube, and, over a period of time, oil will pass between the piston and tube. If the suspension bottoms out, contact between the piston and the bottom of the tube could occur, damaging the piston and the valving.

Finding Hidden Suspension Damage

If a vehicle has been in a collision, diagnosing a bent part may require only a visual inspection to see that a component is broken or in need of repair. But what about when it’s not so obvious? A visual inspection is not always enough. A bent, broken or misaligned steering or suspension can cause a vehicle to handle poorly, as well as create excessive tire wear and poor fuel economy.