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Audi TFSI/FSI: Oil Consumption And Carbon Buildup

Technical Service Bulletins can be valuable in helping solve vehicle problems. But sometimes, it takes multiple TSBs to find a pattern failure or the “root cause” of a problem. In the case of the Audi/VW 2.0L Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI) engine introduced in 2006, three problems related to engine carbon and fuel issues are connected

Jaguar V8 Engine Service for 4.0 and 4.2-Liter Types

Make sure you have the vehicle identification number ready when ordering parts.

How To Talk To Your Customers About Winter Wiper Use

Technicians working in areas with harsh winter conditions should make it a point to educate their customers and inspect their wipers this time of year.

Idler Pulley Failure

The majority of the Subarus towed into his shop with timing belt failure can often be traced to an idler pulley failure that resulted in the belt coming off, says Bob Dowie, who advises to replace the pulleys if you have any doubt about their condition, notice grease coming out of them, or if there is roughness or noise when they are spun.

Timing Chain Wear

One might expect that low oil pressure indicates a problem with the oil pump, but that is not necessarily the case. Very often, using an out-of-spec motor oil, such as one with a lower viscosity than what is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, will cause low oil pressure.

Power Window Retaining Spring Replacement

There are times when all the diagnostic trees, diagrams and graphs in the world aren’t enough to properly repair a vehicle. Sometimes, you just can’t get from Point A to Point B without some homemade ingenuity – a little of that “MacGyver” magic to pull you through the next obstacle. It’s all part of that “natural mechanical ability” each one of us possesses.

Tire Scrub Diagnostics

Give him an unusual tire wear complaint, and he’ll give you a tire wear problem that begins and ends at the steering knuckle, says Gary Goms, who adds that diagnosing a “green-zone” camber problem requires an understanding of steering geometry far beyond what a basic knowledge of camber, caster and toe angle can solve.

VW Service Opportunities And Repair Tips

VWs suffer various ailments as they age. We’ve tried to identify some pattern failures that may afflict certain models and engines more than others for this article. It’s important to note that some of these problems can be prevented by following VW’s service recommendations and using fluids, filters and replacement parts that meet VW specifications.

Import Insights: BMW

The seventh generation of the BMW 5 Series sedan will cut a sporty, elegant and stylish figure when it hits the roads in markets around the world in February 2017.

Bearing Replacement Rules

On a typical passenger vehicle weighing around 3,400 pounds, each pair of front-wheel bearings, as well as the rear-wheel or axle bearings, support around 850 pounds depending on the weight distribution and driveline configuration. If it’s a 6,000 pound SUV, each bearing might carry about 1,500 pounds.

Vehicle Service Life: A Paradigm Shift

Imagine this: An average car is used 14.4 hours per day at an average speed of 35 mph, resulting in 504 miles driven per day. If that vehicle is in service 28 days per month, at the end of the year, it will have 169,344 miles on it. Monthly, it will travel 14,112 miles. There

Hyundai Power Steering Case Study

The majority of undercar complaints will usually be noise related and range from a knocking noise on rough roads, a scraping noise when braking or a clicking noise while turning. Some complaints will include vibrations in the steering wheel and from under the seat.