Choosing the Right Oil Filter for Each Import Car
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Choosing the Right Oil Filter for Each Import Car

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One of the most fundamental and essential duties of an automotive maintenance shop is to protect engines. Changing the oil at the recommended intervals is an obvious starting point, but taking extra care to choose the right oil filter is just as important as the oil itself.

For owners of import cars, the right filter depends on driving habits. Each brand brings its own unique service requirements to the table, including oil and filter changes. Selecting the right parts can help eliminate potential issues, keep these vehicles running in optimal shape and protect critical engine components.

The Oil Filter for Daily Driving

Those who use import sedans and SUVs for everyday tasks such as running errands, taking the kids to school and commuting to and from work, need reliability and consistency above all else.

These are situations where the FRAM Extra Guard® filter is an ideal choice. The housing features SureGrip® technology, which makes it easy to remove and install. Extra Guard meets all OEM recommended oil change intervals and works with both conventional and synthetic oils, providing advanced protection for up to 10,000 miles in all driving conditions.

Road Trips, Hauling and Towing

Drivers of import trucks may have to haul equipment or tow trailers. Low-speed/high-mileage use can strain engines over time. An engine under stress can be more susceptible to small particle infiltration, and related damages. That is, unless the engine is equipped with a filter to fit these types of applications.

A rugged filter like the FRAM Tough Guard® offers premium protection with conventional or synthetic oil and is designed for high-mileage vehicles and these driving conditions.

Optimal Full-Synthetic Performance

Import brands often tout their innovation in engine performance, and many consumers choose these vehicles specifically for a premium driving experience. To keep up with modern engines and the needs of those behind the wheel, every part should be optimized for a long, dependable service life.

Full-synthetic motor oil has significantly extended oil change intervals. Filters engineered for use with these lubricants also feature extended service intervals. In particular, FRAM Ultra Synthetic® filters, when installed with every oil change, offers protection for up to 20,000 miles. Whether maintaining a new engine that requires full-synthetic oil or trying to get the most out of an older vehicle, FRAM Ultra Synthetic® filters work with every oil type to trap fine particles and reduce friction and wear.

FRAM® not only provides the right oil filter for any type of driving, but also delivers a full set of filtration products to keep contaminants under control in critical spaces. Oil flow, engine air filtration and clean cabin air can all be protected with FRAM® filters.

The company has a heritage going back decades, and FRAM® is always working to stay ahead of the curve. This passion for protecting vehicles is what pushes filtration innovation for the road ahead. Explore the full product lineup at

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