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Ultra-Premium Quality: What does it mean for your shop?

In the automotive aftermarket, not all parts (or parts manufacturers) are created equally.  This isn’t a bad thing, considering that there is a time and place for parts of all different qualities, materials and price points – dependent on the driver’s needs and budget. But did you know that in the aftermarket, there are parts

Carter Expands Water Pump Line

Six new parts have been added to Carter’s line of Rapid Fit engine water pumps, along with three standard water pump part numbers.

Selling The Benefits Of A Complete Belt Job

Selling a belt at 90,000 miles is easy. But, making that new belt go 90,000 miles might be impossible without selling the complete belt job.

Honda: Easy Fix for Civic Rattle

A Honda Civic owner may complain of a rattle from the A-pillar trim or the dashboard corner area when driving on a rough or bumpy road. The probable cause for this condition is too much clearance between the A-pillar trim and the dashboard.