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Finding the Right Oil Filter Based on the Driver

There is an array of different vehicles with different purposes on the road, and that is why FRAM® offers a variety of oil filters that accommodate various vehicles and their drivers. The most common types of drivers have a variety of needs, and we identified requirements for three of these groups: the everyday commuter, the

Changing Your Oil Successfully with Cartridge Oil Filters

Changing your import vehicle’s oil may be one of the easiest tasks to do on your own, but how you change it varies based on the type of oil filter you choose and where it’s located. More often than not in newer cars, the location of oil filters is at the top of the engine

Spotting (and Fixing) Common Causes of Engine Misfires

No matter if you’re a vehicle technician or enthusiast, if you’ve worked on a car, chances are you’ve come across an engine misfire before. They can be a real pain, but like most problems, the more you know, the better off you’ll be. From the spark plugs to the ignition coils, many different things can

Driveshafts: Can 10,000 Applications Really Be Covered By Two Parts?

Shops and part suppliers are always looking for ways to make technicians’ lives a little easier. In recent years, many parts like CV axles, strut/spring assemblies and suspension control arms have been introduced to allow technicians to simply install a complete component instead of repairing parts of the existing assembly. But this parts philosophy does

Spotless Spark Plug Sockets Protect Engine Performance

The first thing that comes to my mind when trying to keep an automotive engine running clean is changing oil, but cleanliness goes far beyond lubrication. One of the most essential components for promoting engine life is the spark plug. Spark plugs deliver the electric current from the ignition system in our vehicles to the

Summer Time Top-Off Troubles

The next time you get a vehicle in for minor maintenance or the driver wants an inspection because they are taking a summer trip, take a look to see if they are topping off the engine oil or coolant. You might see dribbles of oil around the oil fill or coolant pooling at the top

Secondary Ignition Waveforms and Spark Plug Performance

There are at least 500 components in the modern car engine.

Recommending Cabin Air Filters is a Helpful Habit

Large companies and regional businesses alike have a new appreciation for health, safety and family.

How Iridium Spark Plugs Have Evolved with Engine Technology

True iridium alloy spark plugs are the experts’ choice when replacing their spark plugs to meet or exceed OE specifications for performance in late-model engines.

Iridium Aftermarket Spark Plugs Offer OE-Level Performance

Aftermarket parts manufacturers live to push the boundaries of performance.

In Search of a Good Technician

If you believe that “there are no good techs,” or “nobody wants to work,” you probably will prove yourself right and you won’t find anyone!

Automotive Belts, While Lasting Longer Than Ever, Still Wear Out Over Time

Belts continue to be one of the most replaced wear items on vehicles today.