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ASE A5 Prep: Electronic Brake Distribution

A5 addresses the symptoms and causes of the extensive hydraulic braking systems, drum brake, disc brake, parking brake, power assist unit and anti-lock brake system diagnostic information.
You can be certain that with over 5 hours of video and a training manual by AVI this training program has everything you need to know about brakes.

A/C Update: Are Your Techs Over Charging?

The J2788 standard for A/C equipment has changed the way shops can better service A/C systems — from removing 95% of the refrigerant, to reducing labor times, to improved recharge accuracy and even reducing warranty costs. This clip is an excerpt from the 45 minute comprehensive “Why J2788” with Bob Pattengale, available from Automotive Video.

SAE J2534: More than Just Reflashing

How many lines of code are in a modern vehicle? Watch as Bob Pattengale discusses how OEM code warriors are working day and night to improve vehicle firmware. This clip is an excerpt from the 210 minute comprehensive “J2534 Reprogramming Fundamentals” with Bob Pattengale, available from Automotive Video.

2006 Jeep Wrangler: ATF Temp Sensor Code [VIDEO]

In the new Automotive Transmission Service Group (ATSG) training seminar, produced by AVI, you will find a lot of great material that will assist you in diagnosing transmission problems in your service bays. In this tip clip, Wayne Colonna covers a couple of ATF codes that you may encounter when diagnosing a 2006 Jeep Wrangler. This clip is an excerpt from the 270-minute comprehensive “2012 ATSG Transmission Seminar” available from AVI.

Understanding UART And Class 2 Serial Data Bus Configurations For Modules And Sensors [VIDEO]

In this tip clip, Bob Augustine discusses the similarities and differences of several UART bus configurations and explores some diagnostic strategies for each of them. This clip is an excerpt from the 90-minute comprehensive “Getting Technical with Your Tech 2” with Bob Augustine available from AVI.

AVI Training Video
Diesel Fuel Tips: Biodiesel, Ultra Low Sulfur: Benefits and Potential Problems

Watch this excerpt from the AVI training program on Ford 6.0 Powerstroke Diagnostics, taught by instructor Tony Salas, to gain insights and tips on diagnosing Biodiesel and Ultra low Sulfur fuel related problems on these engines.

This clip is an excerpt from the 180 minute comprehensive “6.0L Powerstroke Enhanced Diagnostics” with Tony Salas, available from Automotive Video.

Steering Angle Sensor Reset Tech Tip: Self Adjust Procedure Method

Watch this technical tip clip from instructor Dave Scaler’s comprehensive training program on Electronic Stability Control to learn more about performing a electronic stability control steering angle sensor reset or adjustment procedures and the limitations in resetting some cars based on what your scanner can do.

This clip is an excerpt from the 150 minute comprehensive “Vehicle Stability Control” with Dave Scaler, available from Automotive Video.