Bridgestone Brings New Technology To Volkswagen Electric ID.3
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Bridgestone Brings New Technology To VW Electric ID.3

Bridgestone says it has collaborated with Volkswagen to bring lightweight tire technology to the car manufacturer’s new, all-electric ID.3 vehicle.

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Bridgestone says the environmentally friendly Enliten technology, which enables tires to have a super-low rolling resistance while requiring less materials to be created, is being applied for the first time on Turanza Eco tires engineered for the ID.3.

During the ID.3’s development, Volkswagen sought a tire fitment that offered a high level of performance in both the wet and dry, good braking, long tire life and low rolling resistance, Bridgestone says. That’s because rolling resistance can have a huge impact on fuel use and, in this case, the ID.3’s battery power operating range.

Bridgestone responded to all these requirements with a custom-developed Turanza tire with Enliten technology. Bridgestone says Enliten technology tires demonstrate a rolling resistance that is up to 30% lower than a standard premium summer tire. This contributes, in a combustion engine vehicle, to a reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and significantly extends battery life in an electric vehicle. In addition, tires with Enliten technology enable further fuel/battery conservation by being reduced in weight by up to 20% from equivalent standard premium summer tires, Bridgestone adds.

Bridgestone says the synergy between the unique materials used to create Enliten technology and a new mixing process has enhanced the technology’s compound wear performance, without compromising on grip. This, combined with a cavity and full 3D pattern design that maximizes wet and wear performance, means that Enliten technology improves the vehicle’s handling, the company adds.


The Turanza Eco tires with Enliten technology are available on Volkswagen’s ID.3 in 18-, 19-, and 20-in. variants. The 19- and 20-in. tires are equipped with Bridgestone’s B-Seal technology, which ensures temporary air retention in case of a puncture in the tread area, Bridgestone says.

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