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Bosch Launches New EVO Spark Plugs

The first release of EVO spark plugs will be for modern gasoline direct-injection engines in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.


To meet the needs of modern turbocharged gasoline direct-injection engines placing high demands on spark plugs, Robert Bosch LLC introduces the new EVO spark plug, engineered to ensure reliable ignition throughout its long service life – even under extreme conditions in modern engines. Thanks to its improved insulator design and high dielectric strength (greater than 45 kV), the new EVO spark plugs can withstand irregular combustion – known as mega knocking – that can occur in modern, technologically advanced engines, said the company.

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The EVO spark plug features:

  • A laser-welded iridium alloy pin on the center electrode and a platinum-iridium alloy plate on the ground electrode, ensuring long service life and high wear resistance;
  • An improved insulator and housing design for increased head-bending strength, reducing the chance for damage during installation and optimizing gas seal tightness in the cylinder head; and
  • Thermomechanical, mechanical and electrical strength to withstand increased pressure during mega knocking.

Bosch works closely with original equipment manufacturers to develop spark plugs geared to each manufacturers’ specific, demanding requirements of the engine. Bosch engineers rely on comprehensive know-how and decades of experience in the fields of gasoline injection and ignition systems to meet these needs. With the release of its first spark plug in 1902, Bosch solved the issue related to the safe ignition of the air/fuel mixture and today offers matching spark plugs for production passenger cars, light trucks, small engines and stationary gas engines.

“Our unique involvement in motorsports and racing innovations also influences both development and production of our aftermarket spark plugs,” said Justin Wolf, spark plug product marketing manager at Bosch. “For instance, during spark plug production we use different electrode alloys, ceramic and other components to meet the specific requirements of each engine. Special production techniques developed by Bosch – such as a 360° continuous laser weld on the center electrode and a unique nickel-plating process for the thread and housing – ensure improved corrosion protection and a long service life for the Bosch EVO.”


Bosch EVO Spark Plugs are manufactured at the Bosch plant in Bamberg, Germany and are now available through Bosch distribution partners and resellers. For more information on Bosch EVO Spark Plugs, visit The first release of EVO spark plugs will be for modern gasoline direct-injection engines in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, marking the beginning of a portfolio expansion.

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