BMW N54 Engine PCV-Valve
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BMW N54 Engine PCV-Valve Issues

Problem Description

BMW plastic valve cover with integrated PCV-valve 

The PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) system usually works well on BMW engines from the factory, though customers may admit it has some disadvantages. But as soon as the engine has high mileage, this part can lead to a lot of issues. In addition, the PCV system is responsible for the dirtiness of the intake valves. 

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In every engine, the PCV system basically serves to keep the pressure of the crankcase in regular condition. The up and down movement of the pistons creates blowby-gases (combustion products and unburned hydrocarbons that pull past the piston into the crankshaft housing). 

In order to control the ventilation under all operating states of the engine, the BMW N54 engine is equipped with a system that creates different types of ventilation of the vacuum depending on the load condition.  


The PCV-valve unit of the BMW N54 engine is injection molded and connects as one piece with the whole valve cover. The only reliable repair solution for the mechanic is to change the valve cover. 

Typical symptoms:

  • Loss of oil
  • Rough engine running
  • Higher fuel consumption
  • Oil sludge contamination
  • Considerable smell of oil while engine is running
  • Engine-control light is on
  • Unusual engine sound

main error causes:

  • Frequent use for short-distance traffic (engine isn’t able to realize its ideal oil temperature)
  • Usage of BMW non-approved engine oils or non-compliance of the oil change intervals
  • Material fatigue of the internal PCV valve spring

The  problem solving solution

To combat the damage done for whatever reason, either through customer abuse or component failure, Elring has developed a direct-fit replacement valve cover.

  • Uncompromising usage of material in OE-quality;
  • Valve cover gaskets in ACM-material according to OE, not NBR gasket material ;
  • Ready to install including PVC-valve, all required fasteners, bolts and gaskets;
  • Excellent fit and superior heat resistance;
  • installation instructions included;
  • Usage of ElringKlinger OE know-how for the Independent aftermarket;
  • Competitive pricing
  • Skilled technical support; and
  • Detailed cataloginformation’s in ACES and PIES, including 360°- picture (search by Part-no., OEM-No., Engine, Car, etc.) W

This techical information is presented by ElringKlinger USA.

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