Top 2015 Import TPMS TSBs: A Must for Techs

Top 2015 Import TPMS TSBs: A Must for Techs

TPMS dash displayHere’s a rundown of the top Technical Service Bulletins related to TPMS. Every technician who services a TPMS system should review these TSBs in advance.


TSB Number: 4413382034445/1
Models: 2010-’14 A4/S4, A5/S5 and Q5

Summary: This TSB addresses TPMS MIL lights that are not related to a loss of pressure. The TPMS light may illuminate if there is a problem with the ABS, ESP or EPB modules. The TSB also discusses how to diagnose a 03159 DTC.


TSB Number: SI B36 02 15
Models: All

Summary: In May, BMW issued bulletin SI B36 02 15 to address slow leaks after tire or TPMS sensor replacement. The source of the problem is that technicians were not replacing the valve stem after the nut on the stem was loosened. The seals on the valve stem conform to the surface of the wheel and develop memory to the surface.

TSB Number: SI 36 01 15
Models: F55 and F56 MINI

Summary: This TSB issued in June discusses failure of the key remote and antenna that can lead to a fault message being displayed in the driver information center. This bulletin outlines the diagnostic procedures to find the defective parts and resolve the codes.


TSB Number: ITB13-034
Model: 2014 Q50 (hybrid)

Summary: This lengthy TSB outlines the TPMS sensor registration process that is required for the Q50. The Q50 requires the use of a scan tool, dedicated TPMS tool and the newer J-45295A activation tool.

TSB Number: ITB13-039
Models: All Infiniti vehicles with TPMS.

Summary: This superseded bulletin discusses every detail about servicing Infiniti vehicles that have TPMS. This 7-page TSB discusses everything from aftermarket wheels to sensor leaks.

TSB Number: 12-046A
Model: 2013 JX35

Summary: This TSB is of little consequence to technicians who use an aftermarket scan tool to register IDs with the TPMS module. The procedures discussed concern new hardware and software for the Consult III scan tool.

TSB Number: WT15-005
Models: All TPMS-equipped vehicles

Summary: This bulletin was released in July and states that TPMS sensors on low-profile tires are not covered under the warranty if they are damaged during mounting or dismounting of the tire. The bulletin recommends using a tire changer designed to safely handle low-profile tires.


TSB Number: SC119
Models: 2010 Soul, 2010 Forte and 2011 Sorento

Summary: SC119 is a voluntary service campaign on 2010 Soul/Forte and 2011 Sorento models to address a gradual loss of air issue. The grommets on the valve stem and nut are the cause of the leaks. Over time, the OE gaskets could develop cracks and leaks. The recommended repair is to install a new service kit.

Land Rover

TSB Number: LTB-00542NAS1
Models: 2008-current

Summary: This is the end-all and be-all TSB for Land Rover TPMS that was updated in August to address new diagnostic software. The 8-page TSB discusses diagnostics, sensors and service.


TSB Numbers: L-SB0026-13, L-SB0052-13, L-SB0033-13
Model: 2014 IS250

Summary: While these TSBs fall under the pre-delivery category, they include some of the best explanations on how late-model Toyota TPMS systems work and information on how to reprogram them. Lexus has been doing this for the past three years.


TSB Number: 02-003/13
Models: 2013-’14 CX-5, Mazda3 and Mazda6

Summary: This TSB explains the logic behind the TPMS light. It goes deeper to show how the different modules share information on a serial data bus. This TSB explains several scenarios that could cause the TPMS light to illuminate.

TSB Number: 02003-12
Model: 2013 CX-5

Summary: This TSB describes how the TPMS operates and how to service the system. The TSB instructs technicians on how to relearn sensor positions and diagnose possible symptoms of a problem.


TSB Number: L140, 1-P-056178
Models: SL models with the 231 chassis.

Summary: Mercedes-Benz outlines how to solve fault code C158100 for rear-wheel localization failure.


TSB Number: WT 13-005
Models: All Nissan vehicles with TPMS.

Summary: This superseded bulletin discusses every detail about servicing Nissan vehicles that have TPMS. This 11-page TSB discusses everything from aftermarket wheels to sensor leaks.


TSB Number: T-SB-0005-15
Model: 2012 Camry

Summary: In February, Toyota discovered some 2012 Camry models received the wrong door control module that may cause the tire pressures to be displayed in kPA instead of PSI. The only solution is to replace the Door Control Receiver.


TSB Number: SB0001-12
Models: 2011-’15 Scions

Summary: Scion released this TSB to inform technicians how ambient temperatures can influence tire pressure. The TSB includes a chart that plots temperature and pressure, to help you determine the correct tire pressure in all seasons. SB0001-12 is another “must print” TSB for technicians.


TSB Number: 4412-02
Models: 2012-’13 CC

Summary: This TSB informs technicians that some CC models may experience a loss of signal from a single sensor or multiple TPMS sensors. The only solution is to replace all four sensors with updated sensors from HUF.


Recall: 256
Models: 2013 S80 and XC70

Summary: This recall involves flash reprogramming the Central Electronic Module so the TPMS conforms with FMVSS 138.

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